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When the traditional rice balls meet the technical creativity, a rice ball stand at the roadside turned into three hundreds of chain stores, and Yu Zheng-Long (余政隆) is ready to march to the world with his rice food plan.

The Mr. Yu's hometown is in Zuo-Ying District of Kaohsiung. After the military, he ran a bookstore, and collected information about rice balls. He thought one day he would take the Taiwanese rice food to the world.

Mr. Yu spent two years researching that in what kind of rice with specific fire control will make the best rice ball, and in what kinds of ingredients will always keep customers preferring rice balls without the concern of having abdominal distention after eating.

Two years later, Mr. Yu took the leaflet, on which he drafted some information about the new rice ball (or we call it the second generation of rice ball), and visited each vendor and stand in person for convincing them to join his alliance. In the beginning, ten village women were touched by him, and willing to join him. He taught them how to cook, to collocate the ingredients, and then he designed the dining car including the signboard in the name, QQRice.

After that, he had them sell rice balls at crowded places. Few months later, the QQRice franchise stores were broadened to almost thirty, and started to be well-known in Kaohsiung. Mr. Yu regarded the QQRice rice ball as "a rice ball magician". He spent over twenty years researching the technical rice balls, and had stepped into Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. Recently, several syndicates in Mainland China have also shown him their wills. He has a dream of his rice ball which can become the rice food symbol in Taiwan, and also wishes that the rice balls can be spread, found, eaten, and known everywhere in the world one day.